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Research collaborations

Below you find a selection of research collaborations of different forms — collaborations on papers, research projects, etc.

Stanford University
Center of Sustainable Development and Global Competetiveness
AI for Sustainability
(visiting scholar 2024)

Osnabrück University, Germany, Prof. Dr. Martin Atzmüller
Wittenstein and Resense GmbH, Timo Markert
Tactile sensing using sophisticated force/torque-sensors
in connection with machine learning methods

Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany, Prof. Dr. Myra Spiliopoulou
Research on Explainable AI on EEG time series

Pisa University, Italy, Assist. Prof. Riccardo Guidotti and team
Explainable AI on time series data

IT-Designers GmbH and Tübingen University, Germany
Research on Explainable AI

University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt, Technical University Munich, Germany
Machine Learning-based predictive maintenance for automotive systems

Utrecht University, The Netherlands, Assist. Prof. Georg Krempl
Various aspects of concept drift and interactive learning

Bosch Corporate Research, Germany
Validation for autonomous driving

Bosch Automotive Electronics, Germany
Fault detection in electronic control units

Consortium of SMEs: Plan B., Fa. Maier GmbH, hema, aku.automation GmbH, Germany
Deep Learning-based visual quality inspection of work pieces