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About this website:
This is a non-commercial website describing the research of the website’s author’s research group „Machine Learning and Human-centered AI“ at Aalen University of Applied Sciences.

The author would like to thank collaborators, research fellows and students who contributed to the research described on the website.

My name is Andreas Theissler and I am Professor at Aalen University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

I studied Software Engineering and Distributed Computer Systems and started research in Data Science during my Master Thesis in 2006. I have researched and later lectured in the field since then. Prior to joining Aalen University, I have worked in different positions in industry in the field of Data Science (e.g. in the automotive business unit of Bosch).

I research and lecture on different aspects of Data Science, predominantly Machine Learning (ML) as well as the interplay of ML models and humans, e.g. Explainable AI, Interactive Machine Learning, Visual Analytics, etc.

My research interest lies in ML fundamentals as well as ML in real-world applications.